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About Us;

Hello my name is Daniel and I am the owner of Halo Dry Carpet Cleaning located in Modesto California. My wife and I, Jennifer, both grew up in Modesto. It was a small town then but has grown up considerably. We’re still guided by those same small town roots. As kids, our parents instilled work ethic, integrity and compassion into what we do daily. We understand that behind every door is not just a customer, but a person with a story. Now that our kids, Angelo and Silvio are growing up, we are helping to frame their stories with same level of kindness and determination we were taught. We thank you for choosing Halo Carpet Care and allowing our family to serve your needs!

We know first hand what tragedy large amounts of water pumped into your carpet and pad can cause. We are proud to say that through a lot of research and help from the best folks in this business, We found the very best way to clean carpet, upholstery, and tile and grout. Our method gets At Halo Carpet Care in Stocktonbetter results and is so much safer for you, your family, pets, home or workplace environment. So the next time you need your carpet, upholstery, or tile and grout cleaned give me a call, you’ll be glad you did, We Guarantee It!

At Halo Carpet Care in Modesto we’re excited to introduce “A Better New Way To Clean Carpet” to home and business owners in Stockton and the surrounding areas. Our specialty is eco-friendly, dry “organic” deep extraction carpet cleaning.  What this means is no more wet carpets, no harsh chemicals and carpet cleaning you’ll love.

The Problems With Traditional (wet) Carpet Cleaning
At Halo Carpet Care in StocktonIn a  national survey that polled thousands of consumers about their most bothering issues when it comes to carpet cleaning, the overwhelming #1 complaint was that their carpet was left too wet and took too long to dry. The #2 complaint was that stains came back after the carpet had finally dried.

The carpet cleaning industry has come a long way in 40 years.

With modern low moisture carpet cleaning systems (like we use), your carpets will be totally dry in 30 minutes or less; stains will not come back;  carpets will repel dirt after cleaning; and your carpet will stay clean much longer when you choose At Halo Carpet Care in Modesto.

At Halo Carpet Care in Stockton Is A Local “Family Owned” Business


Try the NEW way to clean carpets, At Halo Carpet Care in Modesto Dry Carpet Cleaning Services!

We’re not trying to be the biggest carpet cleaning company in the area – but we are determined to be the best!

We provide carpet cleaning services to families and businesses in Modesto and the surrounding communities!

Our pricing is totally transparent.  There is never an up-sell or add-on.  In fact, you can schedule a time for us to come out to inspect your carpet and give you a to-the-penny quote. In other words, No Surprises!  (click here to get a free estimate)

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